Monday, January 27, 2014

Tiny Prints

So as you nuggets know, I am a professional bridesmaid. So in my pursuit of bridesmaidsey things, I found tinyprints. This website is part of Shutterfly, and you can make personalized gifts, gift tags, notebooks, calendars, planners, iPhone name it! Everything is pretty girly (which is great for weddings) but you can personalize it for a family card or gift.

My favorite part of tinyprints are the gift cards. How many times do you have to give a gift, for a shower, birthday, holidays, etc. and you really don't need a card, but you feel like you have to buy one? Welp, these personalized gift tags solve that problem really quickly. They are also great for shower favors or any other special event.

I also really love the personalized iPhone covers which can have a picture on it or just a fancy pants design with your name on it, etc. I love phone covers (they can really make or break your day).

This website is super fun and if you are looking for gifts, something special for yourself, or ways to spice up your party, this is the site to go on. I wasn't paid to give my opinion on this website, but I I was sent an email introducing me to this site, and I had to share with you how cool this brand is! Enjoy and Happy Monday:)


  1. I love tiny prints too! And shutter fly. I use them to print my holiday cards :)

  2. I want some tiny prints!! So adorable.

  3. Very pretty! I will have to keep them in mind for my gift card needs.


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