Friday, February 21, 2014

Cole Swindell's Album

Disclaimer: If you aren't a country fan, you're ridiculous. Just kidding, but you may not really like this post. For real though.

 Hey ya'll! This is a greeting and the song title of one of my favorite songs from Cole Swindell's new album! If you like country music you need to get this album...stat.

There are mostly up beat songs like Hey Ya'll, his famous Chillin' It, Let Me See Ya Girl, Brought to You By Beer (hilarioussss commentary on fraternity boys) and Get Up.

The slow songs I like best are Ain't Worth the Whiskey (because no ended relationship is, duh.), Hope You Get Lonely Tonight (such a cute song, I am obsessed) and The Back Roads and the Back Row, which is about him growing up in Georgia.

 This album hits all the country song topics that need to be in a record. Songs about friends not doing anything particularly productive, songs about lost love, songs about alcohol/trucks and songs that make you want to dance in your cowboy boots in the summer at a concert. WELL DONE Mr. Swindell, well done. I am so excited to see him in concert with Luke Bryan and Lee Brice THIS EVENING! Woo Woo!

Hey Y'all by Cole Swindell on Grooveshark


  1. I love Cole's new album too! I think Ain't Worth the Whiskey is my favorite song. Hope you had fun at the Luke concert!!

    1. ugh it was awesome! I missed a little bit of cole, which was terrible, but I hope to see him again in Cincinnati this summer!

  2. I havent heard the new album but I did see him in concert about two months ago. He's really good!

  3. love it! I saw him with Luke Bryan this summer, he just came out to sing one song, but it was fun!

  4. I love your blog

  5. I totally believe that first line & I love Cole Swindell!


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