Monday, February 24, 2014

Cole Swindell & Luke Bryan Concert

Happy Monday everyone! I just wanted to share my amazinnnnng time at the Cole Swindell & Luke Bryan concert this past weekend with my friend Mandy. The concert was so good. Rupp Arena in Lexington was packed to the brim with country lovers. However, I did notice that even though we were at a country concert, which should automatically put people in a sprightly mood, we had quite a few Debbie Downers present on Friday. 

One was the lady that made Mandy and I move when we snuck into seats that were not ours justttt to see Cole Swindell a little bit closer than our (nose bleed) really high up seats. The usherette lady took her job like whoa seriously and made us move even though the seat owners hadn't arrived yet. Not cool lady. Also, the people we were with happened to be 3 seats down from us, and we asked if they could move down a bit so we could sit by them. You would have thought we asked them to jump off of a cliff because they were NOT having it. It is country concert ettiquette to let people sit with their frans. Duh.

Lastly, someone stepped on my cowboy hat and ruined it. It was probably not a good plan to use it as a place holder in a jam-packed arena while Mandy and I went to go get drinks and use the facilities. However, who steps on a hat? I sure wouldn't. However, despite some negative Nathans at this concert, Mandy and I had a two-steppin' good time. I always say that country concerts make me feel peaceful, which is something I don't typically experience. This one didn't disappoint! And take it from me: take your cowboy hat to the bathroom unless you want to spend your afternoon searching for a new one on You're welcome. 


  1. It always surprises me how rude people can be , seriously how hard would it be to move down a seat or two ?! Glad you had a great time anyway :)

  2. wow. our experiences at the LB concert was so different, but those boys never let me down :)

  3. HA! we had crazy people all around us at Luke Bryan this summer. But it was the most fun I had at a concert ever, so there was that! Glad you got to see him shake it.


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