Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nashville Part Deux

Hi everybody! Guess what, I was sick again...this time strep throat. The.Worst. While I was dying in bed, I forgot that I never shared second Nashville trip of the year with you!

I love Nashville. This time we were there for 2 whole days, as opposed to one, so we got more in! My friend Mandy and I, along with Mandy's cousin and his friend who lives in the 'Ville got to see the Grand 'Ol Opry which is pretty cool. We wanted to get tickets to see Jamie Lynn Spears sing there but it was sold out. Who knew little Spears was so popular?! We also took a carriage ride around the main strip of Nashville-Broadway St. at night, which was so cool even though Bud, our horsie, kept relieving himself during the ride. We ate at some really delicious restaurants (which is always important on trips) including BBQ place I forget the name of, The Palm, Hard Rock Cafe and an Italian place that was so good I had to be rolled out of it.

We were very lucky this trip. For some reason we never had to wait at any restaurant or for a table at any of the bars. We just popped in and sat down, and for those that know Nashville, that is quite the feat on the weekends. Usually the bars are so packed, there's standing room only. But for some reason the crowds came after we did! #Blessed. My other favorite part of the trip was seeing a baby at Tin Roof Nashville wearing ear phones so she wasn't scared by the loud music. My first thought was "you have a baby... in a bar." (name that movie! Sweet Home Alabama) Buttt then I stopped judging and realized that this lady was just starting her nugget on Nashville's amazingness at a young age. I would not put this sort of parenting past myself when I decide to procreate.

 The last part of the trip was forced upon us by my friend Mandy that is a Kindergarten teacher. She wanted to see Abraham Lincoln's birthplace in no whereville, Kentucky so we took an excursion on the way home. It was interesting but I'm glad we kept it short since it was hot and I am more of a George Washington fan myself. All in all our trip was pretty darn amazing. Till next time Nashville!

Couldn't of said it better myself.

Miss Man Man and I at Rippy's w/ Bridgestone Arena in the background

Grand Ol' Opry guitar

The crew at The Stage

There it is folks.

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