Wednesday, July 30, 2014

She's 5!

    As many of you know, I am a very proud aunt. My first (and only, to date) niece came into the world almost five years ago on July 31, 2009. She was a highly anticipated baby because she was the first grandchild for my parents and niece/nephew for my brother and I. I remember being at the hospital the day she was born waiting for Lexi (who goes by the formal "Alexis" at school). I remember my mom came running out of the OR screaming, "SHE'S BEAUTIFUL!" and indeed she was. She was so small, so innocent, so sweet...and she is to this day.

Lexi, one or two days old

     When I was in grad school, Lexi and I would Skype. I would always be so excited to come home to see my little bundle. When she started to talk, she started bossing me around a little bit, but I used to do that to her mom (my big sister) when I was a nugget too. Since I moved back to town, I have enjoyed watching Lexi grow up. She is the smartest little thing in the world and she's cuter than any other almost-Kindergartner. She has a tendency to be theatric, like her aunt, so we get along great. She finds happiness and joy in everything, which inspires me to do the same. She is imaginative and creative, and loves learning new things every day. She has lots of friends at school and adores her little brother Eli. This past Saturday, we had a "friends" birthday party for Lexi and we all had a blast.   Lexi's friends partied like it was 2009 again and even did a slip and slide that I wanted to go on but apparently I was "too old". Eli and Zack, my nephews, had a great time running around chasing Lexi's lady friends. I have some pictures of this below!

 In like a week when you can read this blog post in full, Alexis Danielle Mendelsohn, I wish you a very happy 5th birthday tomorrow. I love you more than life itself, and having you in my life constantly makes me want to be a better person so I can be a good role model for you. You have made my sister and Ben happier than they ever have been. You bring joy to your little brother Eli, "Cousin Zack", your grandparents, your aunt Liz and Uncle Jeremy, your doggie Kramer, your teachers, Paula, Lilly P., your friends, random waitresses and waiters at restaurants and of course, your aunt Mer Mer. Thank you for inspiring me to find the awe in the world around me. Thank you for being the first of three little babies that I love so dearly. Thank you for being you, sweet girl.
Carseat selfies

The birthday girl!

Bathing suit cuties

Lexi, her brother Eli and cousin Zack

Blowing out her candles


  1. What a doll baby! Isn't being an Aunt AWESOME?! Happy Bday to her!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, she is adorable!

    xx Kelly
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