Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lauren's Shower/Bachelorette Weekend!

Hi everyone! Even though it was about a month ago, we had a celebration for my good friend Lauren who is getting married in September! Though Laur is from Chicago, we celebrated both events here in Cincinnati. The shower was put on by Lauren's many aunts and it was a "Paris" theme. The food was great and it was very festively decorated! We played games about what were some things that described Lauren and then her fiancé Mark. I did pretty well at the game and won a pretty candy dish for my coffee table. There is nothing I love more than winning prizes at things.

After the shower, we had a break, gave Lauren her Bachelorette gifts and then went to Via Vite in Cincinnati to eat an Italian dinner, as Lauren is a strong Italian woman. We then romped around the raging metropolis of Cinci creating havoc at local night clubs. (Joke). Enjoy some of the pictures!

Laur at her shower.

Mama Hack helping Lauren open gifts

Night shorts-always a good idea.

The group!

Rooftop Bar @ 21C, I believe this is a yellow penguin.

Lauren dancing with a guy I know from Miami-Cincinnati is a not-small world.


  1. I need another friend to get married so I have a reason for a fun night out like this! I've been SO wanting to get to 21c and try out their rooftop!!


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