Monday, May 13, 2013

Wellness What Whatttt: Green Coffee Bean Extract

One my road to wellness, I have been trying all sorts of healthy things. In addition to decreasing my intake of some not so good stuff, I have added some things to my daily health regime. I know diet pills are bad for you (unless they are the ones from Mean Girls) but I was looking at the diet pill section in the pharmacy and came across Green Coffee Bean Extract. It is supposed to help increase your metabolism without making you act like you're on crack. I have been watching my food intake, but I really think these supplements help. They don't make you stop being hungry, but they reduce that 11:30 pm "I NEED A PIECE OF PIZZA NOWWWW" feeling. I hope I am not the only one that experiences this.

Taking these supplements doesn't mean I can't stop drinking green "shi*" and jogging as the always classy and sassy Brandi Glanville so eloquently states. However, it is a definite morale booster on my journey to feeling great and well. I hope everyone's Monday is somewhat kind to them today. Let me know if you take any supplements that help with appetite and/or energy!

*I have not been paid to advertise this product!
This post is only my opinion.

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