Friday, October 18, 2013


      For those that love the Real Housewives, you understand the definition of Ramotional. Inspired by Ramona Singer, being ramotional means you are very overwhelmed with emotions and then tend to drink too much pinot grigio. See example to the left.   


     Since its Friday morning, I am going to leave the pinot for later, but I just need to vent a little. Today, I have the bridal party lunch and rehearsal dinner for one of my besties, Griff, who is getting married. We met in homeroom freshman year when we both had really big hair. Mine was bigger...and still is. Anyway, Griff and I have been friends ever since and we've seen each other grow up. So, I am extremely ramotional about her changing her name tomorrow even though I refuse to call her anything but Griff anyway:) I am happy she has found her one and only, and I know they're going to have a great life together. They also want to move back to Cincinnati and live next door to me. I will get her back for making me so furklempt by having my offspring throw glitter around her house. This is us over the years:
   I am the WORST at weddings. I cry at every single one. Even TV weddings. Pandora's from RHOBH? Sobbed. Vicki and Don's renewal of vows that ended in a divorce a year later? Dry heaving. I even watched Bethenny's wedding AFTER I knew she was divorced and still balled. I even cried when Griff read my letter to her at her bachelorette party...and that wasn't even a wedding!

 Thankfully, I have waterproof eyelash glue for my fake eyelashes. Duh. I'm praying for minimal waterworks this weekend!


  1. Have SO much fun at the wedding! You are in SO many! :)

  2. Lord girl, I know. haha thanks for commenting, I love comments!

  3. I hope you have fun! I'm sure it will be wonderful. And there's nothing wrong with calling your friend by a pet name way after she's married, even if it is based on her last name. My group of friends all still call our friend Becker by her maiden name - even though that changed a while ago. :)


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