Monday, September 23, 2013

Mer In America's Emmy Review

       First off...can we please talk about the amazingness of the live choreography representing the best shows on last night's Emmy Awards, PUHLEESE?! I am sure my fellow theater and dance obsessed nuggets understand how legit this was. It was like a little bit of the Tony's dropped by the usually stuffy Emmy's to say hellooo, mate! This year's Emmy Awards weighed heavily on my soul. Usually, I have one favorite and they usually lose. I also always wonder why a Real Housewife franchise doesn't win anything. Bologna. They kept mentioning how we are in an "Golden Television Era" right now and this my friends, made last night's Emmy's a real soul tearing experience.

      Some of absolute favorite and most well done shows in history were up for best drama series: Breaking Bad, House of Cards and of course, our crazy Claire Danes in Homeland. These shows are not just entertaining. They make you think, feel, ponder your morals, your beliefs, your understanding about social systems and sometimes crap your pants at their sudden plot twists. There are many mediocre actors and actresses out there, but the performances on these programs are magnificent. They become their complex characters and feel their terror, love, hate and evil ambition (cue Kevin Spacey close up). Breaking Bad won last night and they should have. I ADORE that show. However, both House of Cards and Homeland fall right behind, which is obvious as they both won other awards (House of Cards-best direction in a drama series, David Fincher and Homeland-best leading actress in a drama series, Claire Danes).

       Lastly, I want to highlight Anna Gunn. I am unbelievably happy she won for best supporting actress in a drama series for Breaking Bad. She is extremely talented and not one of those actresses that are all up in Hollywood's business. She's down to earth even though she has more than a few reasons not to be:) Also, she was on my best dressed list of the night. Anna's dress combined my two favorite wardrobe colors and she looked stunning. Perfection.
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