Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bloggy Help? Adproval or Pay for Passionfruit?

FELLOW BLOGGERS: I keep getting emails from the Passionfruit people saying I need to sign up and pay my annual fee if I want to keep my ads! 

So far, I have only swapped with people and have not made any money on ads for my I don't really want to spend $$$ when I'm not making any. AdProval is free for swaps. 

Should I stay put and pay or move to AdProval? What are your recommendations?



  1. Switch to Adproval! If you are not making any money and are only doing swaps for the most part, Adproval will have everything you need, without the fees. :) Here's a post I wrote about why I switched:

  2. I vote Passionfruit!

    Go here to enter a giveaway for a free year subscription...

    Or enter my giveaway for $65 Paypal cash and use that to subscribe!

    Either way is a good idea :)

  3. I switched over to Adproval and so far have liked it. You can't change the dates that ads go live like you can with Passionfruit but I just emailed them and asked if they could fix it {I had some ads that were carried over from passion fruit and since people added them at different times they got out of order} for me and they did. They're customer service seems really great.

  4. I've never used Adproval but I do know that I absolutely LOVE Passion Fruit! Maybe consider selling a few ads too? You may end up surprised!

  5. So far, I've canceled with Passionfruit but I haven't switched to anything else. I've heard that everyone seems to like Adproval and they also confirmed that they'll always be free for swaps.


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