Wednesday, August 28, 2013

You learn something every day!

I hope everyone had a well Wednesday! I am in the middle of my first week of school and work, and it sure is busyyyy. I feel like I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off but I feel like I am a happier person when I am doing so! I do want to catch up on some shows so this one will be short, but I wanted to share with you something I learned in school I thought was interesting. Health educators and promoters define health as "a dynamic state or condition of the human organism that is multidimensional (i.e. physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual and occupational) in nature, a resource for living and results from a person's interaction with and adaptations to his or her environment". (McKenzie, Pinger & Kotecki, 2012, p. 6).

 Well that's a mouthful, huh? I pretty much thought that being healthy meant you weren't sick and/or you weren't in a mental hospital. Emotions, beliefs and interactions with others can determine our health. This definitely makes sense when I think about it, but it is interesting how this definition isn't what the majority of people think about when they assess their and their loved ones health.

How these dimensions interact is of great interest to me, and I hope that maybe you readers can think of ways to improve your health by improving these various parts of your life. (This, my nuggets, is why I can't seem to get away from learn so many new thangsss!) I will leave you with a GIF of my poor Vicki at the RHOC Reunion Part III. She obviously needs to improve her emotional and social health and get rid of that Brooks. He gives me the heebie jeebies.
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  1. I think that this is such an important area to focus on! My whole life I think I've thought about this a lot just with experiences I've had, but it's interesting how many people strive to be skinny/not sick/ eat healthy/ etc. but never take the time and make sure their mental health is sound and that they're actually happy. Great idea to make this one into a post!

  2. GREAT post:)I LOVE RHOC..I hope there will be a season 6...... your blog Is always so inspiring and makes me smile.

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    Have a great weekend dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)


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