Tuesday, June 4, 2013

First Weight Lifting "Injury"

Hey nuggets! Quick post today...but first I want to remind you that you can enter to win $350 to Pay Pal for Simply Clarke's Birthday Giveaway. Click, follow new bloggers, win money. Easy peasy.

Today B and I went lifting and I lifted more than I have for dead lifts (55 lbs the second two times we did it), 30 lbs (15 in each hand) for lunges and bench press 30 (15 in each hand). I felt very proud of myself, but then was snapped back into reality when I stubbed my pinky with a weight as I was putting it back. BUT I also have a mini blister from the dead lifts, which means I may need to start wearing fancy lifting gloves like B wears! That means I am a real, official dead weight diva, don't yuh think?

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