Monday, June 3, 2013

Milania Mondays.

Happy Monday everyone! I had a pretty full weekend and so I am feeling like this right now.

Everyone knows that I love Real Housewives of New Jersey. Mostly because of the child listed above. She is only like 5 but she is the primarily the only female on that show I do not want to punch in the face. (I do love the Manzo boys and Joe Gorga). Little Milania has got spunk. She doesn't let anyone take advantage of her, takes matters in her own hands, usually by physical force or calling someone a troll. I am in the process of making a bracelet with WWMD? on it. What Would Milania Do. I like Milania so much I dressed up like her for Halloween this year.

The premiere of Princesses of Long Island was last night too. Talk about a self esteem boost. All of the girls live at home with their parents and are 27 and older. Apparently this is the "custom" for Long Island Jewish girls but I am Jewish, know people from Long Island and have never heard of that noise before. Also, only one of these girls mentioned that they have a job. This "princess" is the "poor one" because she lives on the "South Shore". This show is extremely entertaining. My favorite parts are a tie between the one girl getting manicures and pedicures with her father and when the other girl goes bathing suit shopping with her mother and boyfriend (that knew way too much about fashion and repeated how hot and sexy he thought his girlfriend was just one too many times... if you get my drift). All in all, I am extremely excited to see how these unemployed ladies spend their time and father's money.

These shows keep me about you!?

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  1. I'm rewatching RHONJ via netflix dvds because I've missed so much...and I can't wait to watch Princesses. LOVE.IT.


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