Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Saying Goodbye (to Emily)

I don't hate a lot of things...but I absolutely cannot stand saying goodbye. I typically avoid this by giving someone a quick hug and running away if I know they are leaving for some reason. I really like the quote, "There aren't any goodbyes, just see you later's".

Today, my friend Emily is moving to Detroit because her fiance has a radiology residency at Henry Ford Hospital. I know I will see Emily soon and we will remain friends, but it truly sucks I can't just text her to meet for fro yo or dinner.

Emily and I met about 3 years ago through my close friend N, who she started living with.  I was living in Michigan at the time (how weird how things swap up!) and when I came home on break I met her. She already had friends here and honestly did not need to reach out to me if she didn't want to. However, we quickly became fast friends bonding over our love of food, Starbucks and clothes. I remember I was even with her when I found out I got my job (that I still have today!) She is someone I can always talk to and be honest with, and is the same to me. I admire Emily so much because even though she has gone through different trials over the last couple of years, she always has a positive attitude.

I know she is going to be successful at her job in Detroit City (313 wassupppp) but I will miss her here dearly.

Emily and I at the Glee Concert in Indianapolis about 2 years ago!

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  1. It can be super tough being separated from friends- I moved to AZ from WI four years ago now and still keep in touch with my two bestfriend's (and a select few others)! A highlight can be that it makes your time spent together more memorable and an occasion you can spend time preparing and looking forward to! Maybe save-up a little each and meet somewhere for a girl's getaway? Hang in there!


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