Monday, April 8, 2013

Saucy Supplements

I briefly touched on my use of supplements or vitamins to try to stay healthy. We are told from a young age that vitamins are good for us. Does everyone remember those chewable Flintstone vitamins. Those were the days. Anyway, I have heard many different things about supplements from magazines, health books and word of mouth. I wanted to show you the supplements I use and why. I am interested in hearing your thoughts and/or experiences about these supplements and any supplements that work for you.

*I don't really have a specific brand of the supplements I get, it just depends on what store I am at and what brand cheaper.

From the left: Gummy adult multivitamin, Biotin, B-12, Acai, Magnesium and Melatonin.

Gummy adult multivitamin: These can be dangerous because they taste so darn delicious. I have taken a multivitamin since my Flintstone days.

Biotin: When my beloved hair stylist M was on maternity leave, her friend styled my weave. I told her I wanted to grow my hair out and she said Biotin was a great supplement for hair and nails. She was definitely right. My nails seem stronger and grow quickly, and my hair has grown as well.

B-12: I learned about B-12 when I was in a community theater show this fall. It is supposed to give you energy, which is needed after three shows in a weekend. It definitely does not give me that Red Bull like spurt of energy, so I'm not sure if this really works for me, but Chelsea Handler always talks about getting B-12 shots when she is tired, so I take it daily any way. Miss Chelsea is never wrong.

Acai- Acai, like quinoa, is one of those new super foods. It is supposed to fight free radicals that cause cancer. I have no evidence that this is happening in my body but it is nice to think you are fighting free radicals one pill at a time.

Magnesium: I got in a nasty car wreck and hurt my neck. My chiropractor said that it helps with inflammation and so she put it on my tab for the day. She forgot to add that the bottle was like $39. My neck has felt better but I am not sure if it is due to the chiropractor, time since the accident or the magnesium. However, I am going to keep taking the Magnesium because I spent some dollas on it.

And lastly, Melatonin. Melatonin has definitely helped me with sleep and getting off Lunesta. It gets the job done and doesn't make you loopy or engage in activities you may not remember fully the next day.

So that is my list of supplements. What do you take to stay healthy? Any recommendations or vitamins to steer clear of? Let me know!

As always, stay well. xoxo, aMERica.


  1. Love all your posts about the good old vitamins.
    I personally take a women's one a day daily vitamin ... mainly to make sure I'm getting enough calcium and vit d (important to us unfortunate ohioans as the sun doesn't always like to pay many visits to us). Also, it's important for any woman of child bearing age to be taking folic acid (even if we're not planning to have kids ... it's important to be taking to prevent birth defects ... you never know when you can have an oops)!

    However, I'm not so sure how I feel about taking tons and tons of supplements. I believe as long as you are eating a well balanced diet, you don't really need anything extra (besides maybe a multivitamin). Unfortunately, I've been adding some extra fiber to my diet ... for some specific reasons I'd rather not go into :)

    Love u mere

  2. I take Vitamin D and Calcium every day...I like strong bones, but I hate milk so...

    Found you through Wildcard Wednesday!

  3. Thanks for your comment! I do need to add more calcium to my diet!


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