Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lilly P.'s Been Here For a Year

Hello people that read Mama's blog-

       Mama let me take charge of blogging today. She is very busy you know, finishing up what she calls "work" and then puts her head in her hands. Mama said I could write about anything I wanted to. I don't have much to say, since my schedule is pretty light. Mama takes care of all the hard stuff.

About a year ago, Mama adopted me from a nice lady with wayyyyyyy too many "foster" doggies. I prefer to stay away from other dogs, so I was very happy Mama came one sunny Saturday. I think she was a bit irritated that I got fur all over her spandex and North Face (Mama used to wear black a lot more before she got me!) but she obviously liked me because she took me to her house! She gave me a pink collar with white polka dots and a big flower. She also gave me a pink leash to match! Mama buys me lots of stuff that I think are annoying, such as elf ears and a scarf, but she does it out of love so she says. I think its because of her shopping addiction, but thats neither here nor there.

The best thing Mama gave me was a home. I am the only doggie here and I LOVE that. Sometimes when we go over to Aunt Rachel's house, I have to deal with my cousin Kramer, but besides that it's just ME. No other doggies barking like nut jobs like how it was at my old house. Mama takes good care of me and always talks to me like I matter. That means a lot. Mama even leaves country music on when she leaves to go about her business so I have something to jam to. She says I'm her best friend (even though she keeps getting asked to be in all these weddings so I don't know about that!) and she is mine. I am so glad I jumped up on her lap a year ago at my old house and wouldn't get down. I love my adopted mother! And I know she loves you all, because she is usually very "on schedule" regarding her bloggy tasks. She said she apologizes for being a bit lacks the past few days. School comes first!

I hope everybody has a great day!


Mer In America's doggie and best friend, Lilly Pulitzer


  1. Mere I love this! I almost cried :)

  2. Oh Lilly P. I do hope you'll guest post more on Mommy's blog. Love hearing from you and your thoughts!

  3. yay for adopting dogs! I love lily she is so cute!


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