Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Formula O2

Presenting FORMULA O2! Ok guys, you all have to try this energy/recovery drink. It isn't like your typical energy drink full of ingredients you've never heard of. This drink is all-natural and only twenty calories per (large) can. It is really light and refreshing. There are two flavors, Orange-Mango and Ginger Grapefruit. Both are tasty, but I prefer the Ginger Grapefruit!

I got my first 3 cans complimentary from Formula O2 so I could review it on Mer in America. Right after this I am going to buy some!. My favorite part of Formula O2 is that it originated in Columbus, Ohio...only the best comes from the Buckeye state! I recommend that you all check out the website (simply click one of the links above) and read about this great company and drink. Healthy, energetic and tasty...Formula O2 gets my vote as the best energy drink around!

formula O2 cans

Disclaimer: I was sent this drink complimentary so I could try it out and review it on my blog. All of my opinions are my own and I was not compensated for them. Thank you.

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