Thursday, March 6, 2014

Colgate Optic White Vox Box Review

I recently got my Colgate Optic White Vox Box from Influenster in the mail. I got this product for free and am getting no reimbursement for blogging about this...these opinions are my own!

So in this Vox Box I got a new toothbrush, the whitening paste that fits into the bottom of the tooth brush (super cool) and a sample of the Optic White toothpaste. They also supplied some coupons which are much appreciated!

I really like the toothbrush because it is small, so you feel like you are scrubbing your teeth more precisely. The tooth paste leaves my mouth so fresh and so clean, clean, and even feels kind of minty fresh after drinking coffee...which most toothpastes don't do! The whitening paste that clicks right into the toothbrush does not irritate my teeth and that is major because most whitening products do. The only negative side to it is that it is clumpy, so you can't use the paste if you're planning on going anywhere. I slather it on right before bed time.

It says that this will give you a whiter smile within 2 days and I am not so sure that is 100% accurate, but I have noticed a bit more pearly whiteness and I have been using these products for about a week. I have been drinking coffee every day for Lord knows how long, so I have some stains that are not going to come off very easily! 

In sum, I really liked this Vox Box and as I mentioned, the fact that the whitening paste fits into the toothbrush is awesome. It keeps stuff clean and together-just the way I like them. THANKS INFLUENSTER!


  1. i'm glad i read your review before i tried my optic white. i would have tried to use the whitening paste right before work or going out and been a hot mess! haha.


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