Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I am typing this blog post from my phone, as I am waiting for a very big meeting that could change the course of things in my life! Ahh! My leg is shaking like a jumping bean and my tummy is in knots. I've prepared but when you know something could bring the "interesting" back in your life, you can't help but be nervous and want it!
    I dedicate the idea of "the interesting" to a professor I had in college. She always said when dealing with children, a good punishment is taking away the interesting thing. For example, if a kid likes to throw fits at the grocery store check out line, you have to take away the check out line (i.e. Don't Take them to the store, do self check out, leave them outside with a stranger (jk) etc.) However, as we get older, less things are interesting. We take things for granted and interesting opportunities come up less and less. So when they do, we can't help but jump for joy and yearn for it!

Wish me luck ya'll! Sorry for the cryptic post, I will hopefully be able to get more specific for you at a later date! Have a good Wednesday!



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