Thursday, January 2, 2014

Last Wedding of 2013!

Happy 2014 everyone! I celebrated my NYE with one of my best friend's Katie and the rest of the wonderful people celebrating her wedding to her one true love! Every part of the wedding was beautiful. The colors were champagne, mint and gold, with a bit of pink. So NYE. The venue was at the Contemporary Arts Center where there are multiple floors, so the cocktail hour, wedding ceremony, dance party and dinner were all on different floors. Very unique and very cool. The food was delish and the DJ didn't play Shout! that made me happy. I know everyone loves that song, but My phone died during dinner so I didn't take toooo many pics, but the collage below represents some of the highlights of the glorious day!

I can't believe I was in 3 weddings in one month, 4 in a year. To be honest, it made me feel really loved. These girls chose me to be in their weddings and even though weddings can be taxing in terms of time and money for bridesmaids/groomsmen, at the end of the day, these experiences were worth it. I love weddings, or any excuse for a glamorous party-and all my friends delivered! I am in one wedding in 2014, and I am sure it will be lovely. I will never forget the year I was in 4 weddings!


  1. i can't believe you had 3 weddings in one month! thats sooo crazy! hopefully 2014 is a little slower for you in that regard!

    1. I'm in just one...I have a feeling 2015 may be a big one though;)


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