Tuesday, December 10, 2013

So Hot Right Now

On this snowy day in the Midwest, I just wanted to share some things that are so hot right now.

1. Vanderpump Rules- such a dumb show, but who can't help but love when Stassi tries to deter Jax from starting his own sweater line...because he enjoys wearing sweaters.

2. Jeggings with boots- Look like jeans but you can eat like you're wearing spandex leggings. Seems like a win-win to me. My 4 year-old niece looks better in them than I do, but that's ok.

3. Watching Lilly P. dive into the snow head first. Must be cold for the little girl, but it sure is cute!

4. Pulled pork sandwiches from Eli's BBQ in Cincinnati. This place is so delicious I can't even.

5. Spray tans. Spray tans are getting me through this wedding season, cancer free and almost as bronzed as Snooki. Thank God. No one likes a pale bridesmaid.


  1. My husband talks like Eli's ALL THE TIME and insists it's the best bbq in the world. I've never tried it, but he would agree with you :).

  2. hahah! Jeggings are totally my jam right now with a big sweater. Love winter wear.


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