Sunday, December 8, 2013

Courtney's Winter Wonderland

This sure was a memorable wedding weekend! Being from Cincinnati, we were a little (a lot) worried when we heard a snow and ice storm was hitting the area earlier in the week. Our city completely and unjustly:) shuts down when the weather gets dicey. 
Being great bridesmaids, we kept Court calm, even though throughout this entire process she was more composed than I was! I am an anxious Annie and walking down an aisle in front of people gives me the shakes.

Moving on, we were not surprised when the White Death hit and the city went cray. They shut schools down even though the snow didn't start till like 2:30. We still went and took pictures, and though we were a bit freezing, they were snowy and Christmasy and awesome.  We went to a bar to get indoor pics and even though they didn't give us any free drinks for being a bridal party/the only people there in a middle of a SNOW STORM (can you tell I am bitter about this?), we got some cute shots by my girl Maggie @ Maggie Arnold Photography. (If you live around here, check her out for your photography needs!)

All in all, the wedding was beautiful, classy, wintery and a BLAST. We had so much fun. A major highlight was an interpretive dance I did to Miley's "Wrecking Ball". We also did a dance to Hang on Sloopy, since Chris, the groom, would get a kick out of it. He did. I, Mer In America, choreographed it. All in all it was a WONDERFUL wintery event and I am so happy for Chris and Court!


  1. OMG the wedding looked gorgeous!!

  2. Looks like a ton of fun. The wedding looks like the perfect combination of pretty and fun!


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