Monday, December 16, 2013

Kimmy's Wedding!

One of my best college friends married her college sweetheart this weekend. I was in the wedding and though bridesmaid duties are exhausting, I had a blast! The wedding colors were silver and purple, and the details were done to a T! Kimmy did a lot of the artistic, fun stuff by herself and I was impressed. The program was cut perfectly and very sparkly, she dipped our bridesmaid glasses in purple glitter and her little niece was even dressed in purple and silver. The guest gift was a purple, glitter Christmas ornament. I loved how everything in this wedding matched perfectly in purple! 
I am truly amazed how "my brides" have taken on such big tasks of putting weddings together. These days, it appears the brides do most of the work, whereas when my sister got married 10 years ago, I felt like the parents did most of it. My brides are running from appointment to appointment, to Fed Ex to the hair/makeup trials like chickadees with their heads cut off, but it has paid off because I have been in some fabulous, detailed, color coordinated and incredibly beautiful weddings.

For those of you that have gotten married, did you plan and organize your wedding? Did you have help or did you go solo?

Below is a collage of Kimmy & Derek's wedding!

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