Monday, November 4, 2013


    Loyalty. Ever since I started to make real friendships, I have been described as loyal. I have seen on horoscope stuff that Leos (which I am) tend to be very loyal people. I also have some Italian in me, which may also account for my loyal actions. I really have no evidence to back up that Italians inherently have loyalty running through their veins, except for what I have seen on mobster movies and the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Throwback Throwdown Andy Cohen Thursday.

     I have done a lot of "un-lady like" things in the name of loyalty, including marching up to a girl who engaged in inappropriate acts with one of my best friend's (now ex) boyfriends and demanded that she apologized for her disgusting behavior. Guess what, the next day, she did. I also "accidentally" poured beer on her-whoopsie, it just slipped out of my little hand-, but I have grown up since then. [Bloggy world is a judgment free zone!]
Evidence I am a loyal Lisa.
      This weekend, I was surprised with an act of loyalty of one of my other friends. I had left the place we were but had apparently left some drama behind. I think it is just my fabulosity that brings baby mama drama, and the fact some kids in their mid-twenties   act like seventh graders. Ain't nobody got time for that.

    My friend apparently got furious at a comment someone made about me and defended me. A lot. Personally, I never met the person who was talking smack so I wasn't too worried about it, but the fact that my friend stuck up for me was really heart warming. She didn't have to do it. It is often easier to just keep out of situations or "stay neutral". It is much harder, but much more honorable, to defend what you believe is right. So thank you, friend who shall remain anonymous, for loving me enough to bitch out some idiots who didn't deserve your time or energy. Love you, mean it!


  1. My best friend and sister do the same thing as you! They will go to the end of the world to defend me (often in the cattiest way possible) and I absolutely love them for it. It's so nice to have people around that will do almost anything to take care of you!

  2. Girl, I'm the SAME way. I will make a HUGE scene if someone messes with my girls. Or even when someone messes with my other half. I get super defensive. And I may or may not have crossed the line a few times. Oops? Not even ashamed. ♥

    1. haha I'm glad someone gets me! Thanks for reading girl!


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