Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Paying it Forward and Lilly P.

So today, I took Lilly to Starbucks so I could do some homework and we could get some fresh air. Though we have done this before, after I tied Lilly on a chair to run in and get some much needed caffeine. Lilly decided she wanted to follow mama inside and started dragging the chair into the store. Everyone kept laughing and finally a nice elderly man that frequents my sbux came out and watched her so I could my drink. Then, she stayed on my lap the entire time. We got a lot of stares, but I managed to get some work done! I know I look soooo gorgeous in this picture, but it's not about me it's about Lilly P.!

Oh and then I got free Piada (for those that don't know that's chipotle for pasta and salad) because the cashier liked my smile. If he keeps doing that, this restaurant is going to go out of business, but I'm going to pay it forward today:)


  1. She is adorable and that story just made me laugh. Thanks for making my day much better:)
    love, vanee

  2. I want free things for my smile! Haha...that's awesome!

  3. That is too funny that Lilly dragged the chair inside!

  4. That's such a cute and fun story :) Thanks for the smile!
    xoxo, Lizzy


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