Friday, October 25, 2013

Griff's Wedding Photo Blast

I cannot begin to start how amazing Griff's wedding was! It was beautiful and so fun because I got to mix old friends, new friends and family. Griff looked better than a Victoria's Secret model! There was lots of dancing and singing, and there was SKYLINE at the end of the night. (All good evenings end with some chili). Everything went off without a hitch, except one of our fellow bridesmaids, Justine, fell off her golf cart we were supposed to drive to the picture site, and busted her chin open. Thankfully, she will always have a memory of October 19, 2013. I for one, have never heard of dressed up bridesmaids being responsible for transportation services, but that is neither here nor there. 

Now time for the pics!

Coffee before getting ready
We used to frequent this Sbux in high school!
Necessary sbux selfie
Bride gets a free drink on her wedding day
Now that is what I call a well done weave.
Griff getting her weave done
Bridal hair
Some of my favorite maids I have known for yearsssss
SO pretty!
Going to the chapel and they're going to get marriieeeddd
Awww! Best wedding program of all time!
I'm obsessed with this picture of some of my high school friends and I...we are tight like spandex.
Father daughter dance. I love me some Mike Griffith.
Photo-bombed by the groom. COOL.
My entire group of high school friends, minus 1:*(
My fabulous parents and I!


  1. What a gorgeous bride! I can't believe the bridesmaids had to drive the golf carts! What's up with that?

  2. I really like the bridesmaids' dresses she chose. They were elegant yet fun and looked like they flattered all of you well. In my opinion, a bad bridesmaids' dress can really ruin the look of a wedding.

  3. It looks like a glam event . Reuniting with old friends is such fun!!

  4. I looove those bridesmaid dresses!!!! And.... I wouldn't let you drive anything, not even a golf cart, on any day, really...!

  5. Looks like an awesome wedding :) Weddings with big groups of old friends are so much fun!!


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