Wednesday, October 2, 2013

All Kinds of Kinds

Now unless you're a new reader, you nuggets know I love me some countrayyy tunes. Just this past Thursday I got to see Luke Bryan, Thompson Square and Florida Georgia Line perform here in the 'Nati. It was phenomenal, as all country concerts are. Though this isn't a brand new song, I have lately been inspired by Miranda Lambert's All Kinds of Kinds. I particularly love this line, "Now some point a finger and let ignorance linger, if they'd look in the mirror they'd find...that ever since the beginning to keep the word spinning it takes all kinds of kinds". I fear differences. Most of us do. Even Woodstock hippies have prejudices and shy away from the unknown. I think its natural. However, as Miranda so amazingly croons, differences make the world interesting, fun, exciting and forever changing. Will I ever understand why some people wear all black and listen to "screamer" music, probs not. Just like they may not understand my love for cowboy boots and Lilly Pulitzer. Everyone has a place in this world and are here for a reason. We may disagree on subjects of importance such as fashion or the economy, politics or proper etiquette, but that disagreement creates options and sparkle to the world. And hell, who doesn't like sparkles? Enjoy Miranda's video below...I think it is very well done.



  1. I'm so freaking excited to see her in NINE days!

  2. I love this song <3 and I am SO jealous you saw my hubby, Luke. Wah.


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