Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Janet's Wedding Photo Dump

Hi bloggy friends! My weekend's highlight was my friend Janet's wedding. It was at the art museum here in Cincinnati and it was done beautifully. Janet's dress was fantastic and unique, and a lot added accents of the ceremony, like signs, name "cards" and centerpieces. Well done Janet!! I hope none of you are offended I have been a bit MIA recently...I am just getting used to working and being back in school. I feel like I'm a chicken nugget with her head cut off. When it's between blogging or sleeping, I choose sleeping! Hopefully I figure out how to keep up with this craziness. Enjoy the photos!
Janet with her Dad

Janet and Mike
Beautiful ceremony

My friend Emily doing a reading
They're hitched!

Janet coming down the balcony
Friends with the happy couple

I love this DIY accent...Janet is so crafty!
Dance flo

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  1. Why am I the only one with a weird face in the friends photo?!


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