Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hi Nuggets!

Hi Nuggets, I am sorry that I have been a bit MIA...I have been out with some sort of food poisoning situation. I was pretty much holed up in my apartment with Lilly Pulitzer and Nugget for 3 days, which wasn't too bad due to the sweltering weather conditions outside. It's soooo hot. Milk was a baddd choice (name that movie?!)

I am still a little bleck in the tummy region but I was well enough to work today. I also am getting excited because I am heading to Chicago for a Bachelorette party on a boat! (I won't forget my flippy floppies). I am a bridesmaid in one of my best friend's from high school's wedding, and this weekend we get to celebrate her...on a boat. I am very excited about this boat thing if you haven't noticed, mostly because that means I can sing the following tune:
My friend Griff is on the right of me, and Bee is on the other side.
We didn't wear makeup because we went to all girl's school. Those sure were the days.


  1. A Bachelorette party on a boat?!?! Sounds amazing!!

  2. Anchorman!!! BEST MOVIE EVER!!! Glad you are feeling better!!!

  3. Glad you're feeling better. Sorry you've been MIA. a boat ride with a bachelorette party. Sounds fun.

  4. Ugh I wouldn't wish food poison on my worst enemy!! It definitely ranks as one of my top two most miserable experiences. Glad you're feeling better! Have fun on the boat and don't forget your nautical themed pashmina afghan!!

  5. Food poisoning is the WORST! Glad you're feeling better & have fun at the Bachelorette party! Can't wait to read about the shenanigans you girls get into! Have a great weekend love! xoxo


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