Monday, July 15, 2013

Cara Box Reveal- Nautical Theme

This was the first month I participated in Cara Box! The partner I got matched with to send me gifts was Suzy @ Chores and Chandeliers She is a mother of two adorable kids and lives in rural Nebraska. (She's country so we obviously got along well;)

I thought this theme was really hard...I guess my creative juices are lacking a bit lately! Also, I had some difficulty finding nautical/anchor like stuff at the stores, which is odd because its summer time! Even though I struggled a bit, Suzy nailed this theme. She even did a DIY  (the bag with the anchor on it). This is something I haven't really tried before and is a new Mer In America goal. Thanks for the inspiration Suzy!

Suzy sent me: 1) A cute fedora with a bow on it (I love bows!) 2) A DIY pink (my fave color) bag with an anchor on it. 3) A cute nautical light cute. 4) A pink bracelet 5) Sassy sunglasses
Thanks so much Suzy! I am so glad I got to "meet" you through this process.

Though this is unrelated to the Cara Box reveal, I did want to address Cory Monteith's death. I love Glee, so much that I traveled to Indianapolis with my friends one summer to see the Glee cast perform all of the songs live! Cory was very talented and was never one of those celebrities that spent more time drunk driving than acting. According to news articles, Cory was humble, always stopped to take pictures with his fans, sign autographs and talk to them. I wasn't surprised when I read that because you could just tell he was a down to earth guy, despite his talent and quick rise to fame. An unexpected death of someone so young is always difficult to process. Whether his life was taken by drugs or something else, Hollywood has a new fallen star. I think news like this puts life in perspective and makes me remember that the young die too. It doesn't matter how rich, successful, talented, famous, etc. someone is, life is precious and unfortunately sometimes brief. I will miss seeing you on Glee Cory, and I hope you rest in peace.

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  1. Love the bag and the fedora is a great idea! I also struggled with this idea and have had such creative partners in the past!


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