Thursday, June 13, 2013


This morning when I woke up, I was in a good mood because I had a light schedule this morning.
Things quickly took a turn for the worst when I started driving to a client's house. DOWNPOUR. How am I supposed to Snapchat and drive when I can't see the road ahead of me? Honestly. So there I am squinting and trying not to hit anyone when I see a huge Linehugel (is that how you spell it, the brand that makes Summer Shandy beer?) truck start turning around in front of me. I give him my WTF? face until I see why he's turning around...a HUGE tree in the middle of the road. Sorry truck driver, my b. As I make my way back to find another route to my dear client's home, yet another road block. This time its a huge power line down in the middle of the street. So I turn around again, this time getting more irritated. Long story short, this happened a few times due to fallen trees. I couldn't get to my kid's house because of one, and all of their power was out, which sucks a lot for them. In all my cluster flusterness, I got on the wrong expressway to go to my office to avoid the main road with a tree in it. I had to turn around through a less desirable area of town but thankfully, I made it in one piece. I just had to breathe and tell myself, life could be worse...I could be in North Korea right now. Life is still good...even though this morning wasn't;) Have a great Thursday and I hope you have more driving luck than I did today!

This was me on the expressway.

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  1. life could always be worse. i think our jobs help us to appreciate all we had growing up, even when we thought things just sucked at times!


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