Monday, June 17, 2013

The Year Of The Weddings

So I have joked that 2013 is the "Year of the Weddings". I am honored to be a bridesmaid in four of my best friend's nuptials and will be a guest at a few more. I like to say that after this year I can add "Professional Bridesmaid" to my resume. This weekend marked the first of my 2013 wedding extravaganza. I was lucky enough to see two great people proclaim their love before God and all of us. My friends Brittany and Michael have a really cool story. I've known Michael since we were nugget fourteen year olds. He single handedly got me into gangsta rap. I love his family and his sister Michele has become a friend of mine and does my hair! (If you're in the Cincinnati area, click on the link and check her out!)

 I met Brittany as she lived across from me in college and then moved back here after she graduated PA school (girl's smart). Brittany and Michael randomly met each other, fell in love and this weekend got hitched! It was a beautiful ceremony. I cried like two times and felt genuinely happy. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was so much fun, even though I ate more stuffing than I probably should have. It was very delicious and it probably was made by Skinnygirl...
That is my friend Trisha and myself. We look very pretty.
That's Brit and Michael getting all married.

The thing about this wedding that was particularly special to me was that it was so happy. I have heard from many people that "weddings bring out the worst in people". That is probably why there is a show called "Bridezillas" on TLC. I have been involved with weddings before and I know that planning them can be stressful and at times, bridezillas or groomzillas or maid of honorzillas can make weddings and their related events pretty darn miz. However, this weekend "reinstated", if you will, a faith that weddings don't have to be like that. I loved how different groups of people talked to each other at this wedding. I met new people that were also friends of the couple, and saw friends from high school and college I haven't seen in a while. Everyone was friendly, happy that these two great people were combining their lives officially and had an amazing time. So thank you, Brittany and Michael, for reinstating my faith, just in time for the year of the weddings. Love to you both. Hollaaa!


  1. OMG yay!!! Lucky you - four weddings this year?! Wow!!! I haven't been in one except my own! Praying that changes someday soon. Oh, and you can't "technically" be a professional bridesmaid unless you're getting paid for it... hehehe!

  2. Congrats to them! Weddings are so exciting, and I'm just excited to see all your bridesmaid dresses!


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