Friday, June 21, 2013

North WTF?

I am having a little writer's block lately but I definitely did want to share my thoughts on naming a child after directions. KIMYE decided to name their child North West as everyone is talking about. These two dum dums are absolutely ridiculous people in the bad way, not the good way like myself, Suze Orman and Ross Matthews.

The nickname Nori is adorable but North West doesn't even make sense. Kanye is from New York (I think) and Kim is from Calabasas, California so what's with the North? Was East West too confusing?  I grew up on the east side of my city, so maybe I should name my off pring Eastie? East Syde? Or you know what, forget a real name maybe I will just have a symbol of an "E" like the artist formally known as "Prince".

I know this disastrous couple just wants the public to do what I am doing right now (making a big deal out of their child's name). So this is the last time I shall speak of this idiocy.

North West, nugget, know that I am thinking of you. I am not sorry that you will grow up really really rich, but I am sorry your parents are famous for a sex tape and interrupting America's sweetheart and my role model, T-Swizzle. Your daddy used to be a great rapper (The College Dropout album was my jamz) but now he's gone and lost his gosh darn mind. I am praying for you, and I hope you turn out more like Bruce Jenner and Scott Disick instead of the idiots that conceived you. God Speed, little one, we all know you are going to need it.

Proof beading doesn't look good on all clothes...
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  1. it's just so bad it's almost good. in my head!

  2. They are beyond ridiculous! I have no words.

  3. You know when I first heard I thought it was a little silly but it seemed almost normal to me because my neighbor growing up was named North. But they then I realized my neighbor was a BOY and this baby is a GIRL and now it just seems weird!

  4. WORD!I absolutely hate celebrity gossip/tabloids/e! but I can't not comment on this. It's absurd. And a sad cry for media attention. I wish I could say I'm at least surprised, though. But I'm not in the slightest. I AM actually surprised they didn't spell it Knorth, just to keep the K in the family.

  5. I wanted to smack head down when I heard what Kimya did with the baby , poor soul . She doesn't yet know what's coming next with it .
    Noor @ Noor's Place


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