Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This One's for the Guys.

As I mentioned, my friend B is helping me become a dead weight diva.  Yesterday we were lifting and I heard a sound that I am starting to get more familiar with on the guys-side of the gym. Most everyone lifts their weights peacefully, but in every lifting sesh, there is one bulky man that grunts. Wait, scratch that, the sound is more similar to an Al-Quaeda suspect getting tortured in Zero Dark Thirty. (Fantastic movie by the way. If you haven't seen it, get at that).

 I am new to the lifting weights world but what is with the grunting, you guys? I know that lifting really heavy weights is hard. I even noticed a little gasp come out of my mouth yesterday when we were doing the shoulder press machine thing. But the sounds that come out of some of the guys lifting are just ridiculous. I feel like if it hurts that bad maybe they shouldn't be lifting that much? One time, the grunting torture sounds made me jump a little! Ruh.diiiick.

So, if any men read this blog (all 2 of you?) please tell me what this grunting is all about and if it is necessary. Gracias.

This is a picture of B and I at a dance in high skewl and now. We both had awesome hair back in the day.

xoxo and stay well, 

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