Monday, April 22, 2013

Gluten Free-Day Dos.

Have you ever wondered why we want things more when we can't have them. For example, if we give sweets for Lent or have to not eat anything leavened on Passover, we just instantly crave chocolate or bagels? Even if they aren't a huge part of our diet anyway? I don't know why it is but I am experiencing it right now. This is day 2 of being gluten free and I kind of want a sandwich. However, I will say that I haven't felt extremely hungry or tired today...I just want the food I can't have.

I did try to make a "green smoothie" today, which The Conscious Cleanse and other health sources hail as a great way to incorporate more fruits and veggies into our diets. However, in the process of smoothifying frozen mixed berries, frozen spinach, vanilla flavored almond milk and ice cubes, I moved the wrong part of the blender over and kitchen was purple. A for effort, I guess.

Luckily, I have been even more active than usual keeping Lilly and Nugget happy. They seem to want to eat each other's food. Thankfully, they were both so scared from the smoothie explosion they didn't bother me while I cleaned up! That's them, fighting over dog food.

Hope everyone had a great Monday. Stay well!

Photo: Nugget stealing Lilly's food.


  1. Ohh, I'd love to hear about some of your recipes. I am trying to be Gluten Free, too. Or at the very least, Gluten conscious. It's hard!! One time, no lie, I was so proud of myself for having a full day of GF, then I looked down, and I was in the process of eating a waffle. It was part of my routine, so I didn't even realize it! Haha!

  2. Have you tried any gluten free breads or pastas?

  3. Bethy- apparently all of those have a ton of preservatives and other bad things in them anyway. The point is just to cleanse your body for a week from gluten:)


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