Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Different Types of Spinning Instructors

Hi nuggets! I have been going to spinning class about once a week at my gym, and I have started to pick up on the various types of instructors that exist. As my friend brilliantly stated, "The teacher makes the class". If you spin, you probably have your favorites!

Strong and Silent: This is my favorite type of spinning teacher. They don't talk too much and when they do, its to give instructions (i.e. "go to position 3!") They don't say "push harder" very often or scream/make gutteral sounds. They're calm and motivate a little, but its not overwhelming. You don't feel the desire to assault this teacher after class.

Screamer:The screamer just screams things but they are too muffled because of the music and microphone. Nobody has any clue what the teacher is saying so everyone is just in different positions all confused. Every so often they'll yell "work it" or something but I want to shout back, "I don't know how!"

Pusher: These spin instructors are so annoying. I get what they are trying to do...motivate us minions to burn calories and but more resistance on the bike but to be honest, shouting "THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY" "PUSH HARDER" "GO GO GO HARDER"  "GET RID OF THAT CELLULITE" makes me want to purposely go slower. Pushers say these words all the time and it seems to get in the way of the class. A little motivation is great, but if I wanted a life coach, I would have one. Stop pushing and encourage!

In Yo Face: The last instructor is a combo of screamer and pusher. They sometimes get off their bike and get in the faces of the spinners. Come at your own risk boys and girls, I may smack you. They are constantly talking throughout the class and you just get sick of their voice and motivational chants. Not necessary.

Welp, these four categories of spin teachers are just my humble opinion. Some people may love getting screamed at but I just don't. Exercise is supposed to be a happy place and some instructors make that very difficult to get to! Happy Thursday ya'll!


  1. haha this is so funny! I've never taken a spinning class but I notice a lot of yoga instructors are a lot more fierce than you'd think! Good thing I haven't met any screamers!

  2. Your friend sounds very wise ;) you forgot to mention the teacher who plays stoner music. How in the hell is stoner music going to make anyone break a sweat. I'm still campaigning for the all glee music class.

  3. I would say your pretty spot on in these descriptions. I've taken SPIN for about 4 years now and been teaching for 1.5 years. I would definitely say I am more of the "strong & silent" type teacher, although I am working on speaking more to motivate my students!



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