Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Whole Foods or just foods?

Hey ya'll! First off, Cole Swindell's self-titled album came out tonight! I obviously pre-ordered it. Makes me feel country as a turnip bean, but more on that another time.

Today's post is about where I shop for food. I despise grocery shopping because too many people make me all anxious. I also have to either walk up stairs or a lonnnggg hallway whenever I go grocery shopping so I usually try to only get two of my reusable bags (I'm such the environmentalist) full of food. Taking two trips is a foreign concept to me. I will stagger down the hall before I go to my car twice for groceries. Anyway, groceries are so important because we eat what is in our house. If we buy icecream and chips, we eat ice cream and chips. If we have carrots, we eat carrots. You see the pattern here.

So the Kroger across the street which is the cheapest option I have, is usually a cluster of nuttiness. I try to avoid it unless its like 8:30 am on a Monday morning. The wackadoodles aren't there yet.

Whole Foods can also be full of wakadoodles, but I don't know my way around the aisles yet so I stick to fruit, salad bar, Suja juice aisles. This helps me get some healthful options and in and out pretty quickly. Unfortunately, as I mentioned on my post of Suja juices, they make yuh feel all healthy but they're hella expensive. Buying those weekly will literally drink you out of house and home.

The Fresh Market is my usual go to because it is never crowded, it is small so I can manuever myself around easily. They also don't have a ton of options so its easy to pick stuff and just go. The only problem is its definitely more expensive than Kroger and even Whole Foods. They also don't have some brands I like, like Suja. It's great for a quick trip though.

Healthier options are always more expensive than fried crap, unfortunately. I believe health policy is working on that, but its still a fact as of now. So where do you shop? Where do you find the stuff you need at a good price? Does anyone have a 2 bag minimum rule like moi? Let a sister know and have a tasteful Tuesday;)


  1. Love Whole Foods, don't always love their prices but I do love that store. I also really love their $5 wine tastings on Fridays.

    1. I definitely need to go to one...do you go to the Deerfield one?

  2. I like the healthy options too! The closest whole foods is 20 minutes away so that is saved for special days.

  3. The closest Whole Foods is probably in another state :-/ though I shop the organic section of my Fred Meyer (Kroger + Clothing, home goods, sporting good, etc). I hate making two trips to the 3rd floor, so I get as much as I can and then call the hubby to get the rest.


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