Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Different People You See at Starbucks

Hi nuggets. I am currently at Starbucks waiting to go to class...I had a meeting and didn't have time to go home but there's still too much time to go to class. Don't you hate when that happens??? Awkward time periods are the story of my life and they erk me to death. 

Anyway, I am at Starbucks on UC's campus. Starbucks is a place where all walks of life like to congregate, but they're especially interesting little nooks on college campuses. This is people watching gold...and I have time to write this post and people watch since the school's email/online class system is not working and I have nothing else better to do.

1) The Pretender- Pretenders are hilarious. They are people that pretend to be intently doing work, with their ear phones on because they are working so hard that they can't be bothered with the drone of Starbucks patrons. Then you pass them on the way to the bathroom and they're stalking people on Facebook. These people are a) posing and b) taking a seat from people like moi who actually do work at Sbux. Go home. 

2) The Loud Talker- This is self explanatory. These people talk way too loud with their other loud talking friends. I am sure that I have fallen into this category as I get excited to have coffee dates. However, when you are trying to do work in a different environment (which is typically in my bed with Lilly P. and Nugget) these people are hella annoying. Their conversations, on a college campus, usually consist of how much their lives suck because their teachers assigned them homework. What. bitches.

3) Worker Bees- Unless I am a loud talker, I am typically a worker bee. If I have work to do, I am on a mission. Little distracts me, except for my occassional peeks at Instagram and my incessant need to pee. I like seeing other worker bees because we are at Starbucks for a purpose. Get. shi*. done. No bologna, no talky, just worky.

4) Calm, Cool & Collected Coffee-Drinkers- I hope to be this person one day in retirement. These are the (usually) elderly people that come to Starbucks to drink a beverage and read the paper/a good book. They aren't doing anything important, they're not being loud and annoying and they are enjoying their lives. I envy these people. I do read for pleasure, but its usually after an exhausting day, in my bed. I typically am too rushed (this is typically self-inflicted) to sit and smell the coffee, like these fine folk get to do. These people are my role models. I hope to be able to calm down one day, and enjoy my local Starbucks.

There are many others that can be added to this list, including the group of police officers that frequent my favorite Sbux, but these are the main 4. Do you have anymore to add to this list? Throw it at me.


  1. I hate the loud talkers! The Starbucks on my campus was always full of them and I could never get anything done!

  2. Part of me hates the loud talkers because they are distracting, but I have also heard some very interesting things in Starbucks because of them!


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