Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Where do you feel God?

I know nuggets, I just got really deep really fast. But no fear, Mer in America is here! 

I was talking to my Mama the other day and she said she felt God when her doggies, Rylie and Lucie [cutest schnoodles ever] sit on her lap. I feel His grace and peace when I am in a holy place, holding a newborn baby for the first time and listening to spiritual music. Wait. Make that any music! At country concerts, I feel God too, until a stoned/drunk man accidentally barrels into me lol. Guys like those at country concerts need all The Lord they can get! I digress, but the pureness of live music definitely makes me feel closer to God.

What about you? Where do you feel God?

If you don't believe that is ok too. Where do you feel at peace, that inner calmness or stillness that so hard to come by in our busy lives?

Found this via Pinterest.


  1. I always feel Gods presence at night right before I go to bed when I lay down beside my husband. I just feel absolute peace & joy & thankfulness looking at my husband.Its an awesome feeling. I know so sappy! but the truth :)

    1. That was so beautiful. I only pray someday I have a husband I can thank God for too!!

  2. I always feel God when I'm outside in nature. It's just so amazing to know he created this beautiful world!


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