Sunday, November 17, 2013

Don't Forget: Sweet Silver Lining's Birthday Bash WEEK LONG Giveaway

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Hi Nuggets, just wanted to
remind you this week starts a week long giveaway from the bloggers that love Sweet Silver Linings.

Monday- Target Gift Card

Tuesday- Starbucks Gift Card

Wednesday- Amazon Gift Card

Thursday- Sephora Gift Card

Friday- iTunes Gift Card

This giveaway is awesome for holiday shopping so be sure to enter every day! I will have each day on my bloggy as well!

Hope had every one had a great weekend! I am struggling to find the motivation to work on this paper. It is rainy here and I just want to cuddle with Lilly P. & Nugs all day! I did however, get a Sunday workout in. Now you all see the severity in my lack of school motivation lol, I typically believe its heresy to work out on the weekends. Send me motivation...I need it!

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