Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wildcard Wednesday- Shopping Addict

I don't have anything too important to state today except that I have a shopping addiction and am vowing to stay away from the mall or any other store that I tend to spend money I don't have at (i.e. Target, Bath and Body Works) unless it is from birthday money...which isn't until July!

 I had to get dresses for upcoming weddings (be warned, I have sooooo many weddings in the fall and winter of this year so they're will be lots of "well wedding posts"! I went to Lilly Pulitzer in our mall today and pretty much had to drag myself by my unwashed hair out of thurr. (Reason my hair is dirty: I had no hot water last night. It is fixed, I think). I am holding all my blog followers to NOT let me shop anymore. N.E. MORE.

Lastly, I would just like to tell everyone my cat, Nugget, just took a shadoobie (poo) right in front of me on the floor. WTF. She won't go in her litter box anymore because apparently my dog (also named Lilly Pulitzer, are you seeing a trend here?) scared her once while she was doing her business. The vet told me to get 2 litter boxes now so she feels "safe" again. Nugget needs a therapist. Well, who doesn't?

Have a well Wednesday everyone.


  1. LOVE that your dog is named Lilly, hate that your cat has issues :/

    I'm in hot water from my binge spending at Target and B&BW so I've had to avoid the two COMPLETELY. It's not easy. Good luck to you!

  2. haha I am glad I am not alone. Thanks for your responses!!!

  3. Hahahaha your cat sounds like a rebel. I love it lol


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