Monday, May 20, 2013

Cab Shenanigans

C and I, in the cab, before the incident.

First off, I want to thank all of my new Bloglovin and twitter followers. I appreciate all your support for my bloggy blog! Second, I would like to discuss my weekend ridiculousness with a link up with Sami's Weekend Shenanigans. 
It is important to know I have some issues in cabs. A few weeks ago my friends and I were locked in a cab because the cab driver thought we owed him $100 for about 10 minutes of driving. Long story. Cab drivers seem to think my fake blonde hair means I am stupid and pretend to "get lost" in my neighborhood, which is a very easy and popular cab area in the city. No matter how many times I yell, "NO TURN LEFT!!!" they go right and are like "oops, I didn't hear you". No tip for you.
Though I have had terrible cab experiences, this past Saturday was the ULTIMATE worst. A few of my friends, including C, shown above, were going to a street festival thing. We were just driving along in our cab, la la la BAMMMMMMMMMMMM. I thought we hit a car, but oh no. WE HIT A PERSON! The guy ran out in the street with his girlfriend and obviously did NOT look both ways because the cab driver hit him. He flew over the cab, movie style. The police were called but the guy was on his feet. The cab driver ran out and told him to go to the hospital and another witness called the life squad. We actually talked to the life squad and they said they couldn't find the guy. I am really hoping he went to the ER because he probably has some internal bleeding up in there. Poor thing.
Moral of the story: Look both ways because a cab could hit you. The yellow ones don't stop.

Have a marvelous Monday:) 


  1. Wow, it's crazy that your cab hit a person. Great story though!

    Mei @ Diary of a Fair Weather Diver

  2. This makes me even MORE suspicious of cabbies! I can't believe you got locked in one time and I heard of so many accidents this weekend, glad the guy got on his feet this time!

    1. I know...I'm hoping he got checked out!

  3. C told me about this. I didn't believe her lol. I am never getting in a cab with you. PERIOD! :)


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