Thursday, April 25, 2013

I am Spartacus...

Before I dive into this post, I want to congratulate my dead weight diva leader B for getting a the same place I work! Woohoo B! Back to business. Today B encouraged me to do my most challenging lifting work out yet. It is called the "Spartacus" because apparently, when the guys were training for that movie, they did this exercise (probably with crazy heavy weights). The Spartacus is as follows:

1 minute of each exercise listed with 15 seconds "break" in between each exercise. We did the set twice.

Goblet squat with weight (pretty much squat vertically then stand up holding a weight)
Mountain Climbers
30 sec of single arm dumbbell swing-lift weight vertically on your right side, then 30 secs on your left
Push ups 
Dumbbell row- bend over and create an arch in your back. Row weights up in a square position.
Dumbbell side to side lunges, rotating right then left
Push up position row: while lifting a weight (or just your hand for your body weight) 30 seconds on the right, 30 on the left
Forward twisting lunges, rotating right then left
Dumbbell push press- press weights straight up in a square position
Jumping jacks rotated with knee highs

All I have to say about this workout is wow. It didn't seem that bad when B explained what we were going to do but it is hella hard. My arms and legs were shaking but I think I held my own. I heard somewhere that in order to make changes in your body, you have to "confuse" your muscles. I am not sure exactly what this means but I think my muscles were a bit confused today. "This is NOT what we do, Mer!" is probably what they were saying. I will definitely be sore tomorrow, but I saw this picture on Pinterest I guess that's fine:)

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  1. That sounds intense!! I so wish I could work out with you guys :( I'm currently doing the Insanity workout with Jon and I'm dying.


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