Friday, March 29, 2013

Losing the Lunesta

I want to start this blog off by stating that no, I am not a pharmaceutical rep and Lunesta is a perfectly ok drug to use if a doctor thinks you should. Anything I state below is merely the opinion of a girl in her mid-20's who used to really really love Lunesta.

Hello, my name is Mer In America, and I am a Lunestolic. Oh, just kidding. Sort of. My journey with the sleeping pill Lunesta began when I was in grad school. I was super anxious (are you seeing a pattern here?) and I was having trouble falling and staying asleep. My doctor who tends to be quite liberal with prescribing controlled substances and sleeping pills, recommended Lunesta. In the beginning I thought Lunesta was the bees knees. Before it knocks you out, it kind of makes you feel loopy and energized. It made me feel like I needed to plan a trip to the United Kingdom, buy a new wardrobe and make bread from scratch in the 30 minutes I had before it knocked me out. It also made me feel like I needed to share my great plans with my beloved friends.

Mer In America: lets go to Florida in three weeks
Female textual message buddy: Uh, I can't Mer I have finals.
Mer In America: Ok, lets go to the farmer's market then. I like apples. I also like _____ (insert crush of the week). And Boo the little doggie from that book. Follow your dreams btw. Follow them.
Female textual message buddy: r u on lunesta?
Mer In America: y does everyone ask me that? but yes.
Female textual message: i knew it. talk to u tomorrow.

(My friends soon began to realize that I wouldn't remember any of this conversation the next day).

 Then, I would usually eat about 1000 calories worth of food in my refrigerator. If it was a good lunesta evening, I would spend about $100-$200 dollars online shopping. It was great when an awesome pair of cowboy boots came in the mail that were 2 sizes too small. Or when I had to call Nordstrom's help line because I sent my order to the wrong address.

Yay Nordstrom. They were very nice to me about my lunesta inspired shopping blunders.

As you can see, taking Lunesta was beginning to be a major pain in my ass and I wasn't even sleeping all that great. I started taking Melatonin, which is a natural supplement already in your body. It doesn't have make you feel loopy and energized (which sucks) but it also doesn't make you start baking "M&M muffins" (a Mer in America on lunesta original recipe) at 11 PM and send random text messages to all of my fans err I mean friends.

Part of seeking wellness is trying to eliminate things that make my life harder. Those things may include activities, people, clutter, unhealthy habits, etc. Losing Lunesta has eliminated some minor pain in the ass things in my life, but I still have a long way to go.

What do you need to get rid of in your life to help you become more well? Letting go of things in our lives isn't always easy and you may not have a natural supplement to fall back on;) My challenge for my readers is to think of some things that you may want to let go of so you can become more well.

Have a great weekend everybody.

xoxo, Mer in America.

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